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Used Jen-co Glockenspiel.  $100  (consign)
Set of 3 Roto-toms (no stand)  $75  (consign)
Used RMS 5-pc. drumset
with hi-hats & ride cymbal  $165
Music boxes made in Switzerland.
New, old stock.  Priced from $15 to $25.
Hand percussion

Remo Rhythm Lids 
Turn a 5-gal. bucket into a drum.
Sounds surprisingly good.
Trophy Doumbecks.  Surprisingly deep tones
from such a small drum.  Similar to a Djembe
Clearance sale: $39
Tap with foot to provide a rhythm.
Plugs into amp or sound system.
A literal "stompbox"!  $70  (consign)
22" bass drum rims  $25
Pearl BDR-1 bass drum rim shooter  $15
Cases - seconds & blems.

More cases

More cases!  If we don't have it,
they probably don't make it!
Gibson Protector case for Les Paul
These were made in the late 70's & throughout
most of the eighties.  Very rugged (except for the latches)
but this one has all the latches & hinges in perfect working order.
Gibson logo fully intact & only minor scuffs.  If you have a 70's
or 80's Les Paul in need of a case, then this would be the
perfect match.  $100        (Photo of inside below)
Walk-up guitar stand.
Attaches to ordinary mic stand.
Just walk up & play!  Also holds mandolin, banjo,
uke, etc. - anything with 2 strap buttons.