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We sell  Schecter, Dillion, Godin, Prestige, Sterling, Gretsch, Austin  and other electric guitars.  This is just a small sample of what we usually have in stock.  Below are just a few highlights. 

Prestige Classic
Nice flame-top.  Slightly
thinner and therefore lighter
than a Les Paul.  List: $1215
Clearance price of $699
Prestige Musician ProGretsch G5445T
Dillion DWG-006FR/ACT
Great EVH-style guitar.
Floyd Rose trem, Wilkinson
Blow-out price:  $450
Hollenbach Guitars.
All USA, hand-made guitars
 with Gloss finish, quality
comparable to Gibson and
 well under $1000!!!!! 
That's right!  Let's stop
whining about not being
able to find a decent
electric guitar made in
USA for under a grand. 
These guitars are
 hand-made by master
craftsman Keith Hollenbach
 and are inspired by
 the Gibson L6S but with
 some inprovements,
such as mahogany wood
instead of maple for a
warmer, richer tone. 
$850 with soft case.
Gretsch G5420T
in traditional orange
Gretsch G5420T
in light green metallic
Gretsch G5422T
white with gold hardware
Schecter Omen 6 Extreme
Danelectro Baby Sitar
Recently reduced
Schecter Omen Extreme FR
See-thru black on quilted maple,
locking Floyd Rose trem.
Sterling Cutlas
Schecter PT Standard
Schecter Traditional Standard
Sterling JP-150
Less expensive version of the
John Petrucci signature model.
Sterling Silo 3Danelectro Baritone
Schecter Omen 4Schecter Omen 5 BassJay Turser JBT-2B-VS
New from Jay Turser
JTMG,  Excellent imitation of a
Mustang.  They got it right!
Blow-out price:  $150
Danelectro 59DC bass
Long scale, plays very well.
Nice light weight.
Jay Turser JT300M-SHG
NEW!  From Jay Turser.
Patterned after an old Silvertone
or Harmony.  Excellent quality
for such an affordable guitar.
Close-out price!  NOW:  $159
NEW!  Alvarez AAT33
Semi-hollow thinline
NEW!  Alvarez AAT35
Full body, all hollow

*Austin "mini strats"
Great for little fingers.
Choice of color, $115