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We sell  Schecter, Dillion, Godin, Prestige, Sterling, Gretsch, Austin  and other electric guitars.  This is just a small sample of what we usually have in stock.  Below are just a few highlights. 

Prestige Classic
Nice flame-top.  Slightly
thinner and therefore lighter
than a Les Paul.  List: $1215
Clearance price of $699
Prestige Musician ProGretsch G5445T
Dillion DWG-006FR/ACT
Great EVH-style guitar.
Floyd Rose trem, Wilkinson
Blow-out price:  $450
Hollenbach Guitars.
All USA, hand-made guitars
 with Gloss finish, quality
comparable to Gibson and
 well under $1000!!!!! 
That's right!  Let's stop
whining about not being
able to find a decent
electric guitar made in
USA for under a grand. 
These guitars are
 hand-made by master
craftsman Keith Hollenbach
 and are inspired by
 the Gibson L6S but with
 some inprovements,
such as mahogany wood
instead of maple for a
warmer, richer tone. 
$850 with soft case.
Gretsch G2622TGretsch G5420T
in light green metallic
Gretsch G5422T
white with gold hardware
Gretsch G2622T in sunburstGretsch G2655
Smaller body
Gretsch G2622 in trans brown.
No Bigsby.
Sterling JP-150
A less expensive version of the
John Petrucci signature model.
Danelectro Baby Sitar
Recently reduced
Schecter Omen Extreme FR
See-thru black on quilted maple,
locking Floyd Rose trem.
Sterling Cutlas
Schecter PT Standard
Schecter Omen 4Schecter Omen 5 BassDanelectro DC59 Bass
Austin AST100
Nice strat-style electric.  $99
Jay Turser JTB-2B-N
"Beatle Bass"  Just like
the real thing!  $225

NEW!  Alvarez AAT33
Semi-hollow thinline
NEW!  Alvarez AAT35
Full body, all hollow